Personal Chef Catering Service

Personal Chef Catering Service: Why and when do you need one?

Economics has necessitated that many people work multiple jobs and longer hours in order to maintain a decent standard of living. As a result, things that were in past generations the norm such as sitting down for dinner and having the time to make a fully balanced home cooked meal has been sacrificed on the altar of progress. Fast foods, frozen dinners and the quick fixes have become a regular occurrence. Meals are governed and dictated by how fast and convenient they are rather than what their nutritional value may be.

In addition, there is also a growing concern that this lifestyle has increased a variety of health problems such as diabetes and obesity in adults and children. These concerns have given rise to an entirely new branch of the catering industry. Personal chef catering is no longer for the wealthy, for the office, or for the occasional dinner party. These services have begun to offer an entirely new service to help individuals who do not an hour or two a night to make a properly balanced meal still provide nutritionally viable and healthy solutions to their family

A personal chef catering service offers a variety of meal plans.

You can purchase plans based on how many meals you want and how many days of the week. Some individuals have all their lunch and dinners provided for by a personal chef catering service. The company provides you with a menu and you select what you want. This type of service can work several ways. In some instances, the meals are prepared, frozen and then delivered a week’s worth at a time allowing you to reheat the entire meal. In other cases, the meals are delivered fully prepared just as if you had called your local delivery restaurant. Finally, some services provide you with the meals prepared but uncooked. All you have to do is cook the various components cutting your meal preparation time down from 30 minutes or an hour to just the cooking time.

The type of service you choose depends on your budget and your individual needs as well as what is available in your area. Larger cities are going to have more options available for this type of meal service. The convenience allows individuals who would normally be unable to put together complete and nutritionally balanced meals to provide for their families.

These services are also great for families where one or more members travels for work. You can be sure that your family is taken care of even if you are hundreds of miles away. Personal chef catering services are also great for smaller dinner parties where you want to offer quality food and do not have or want to take the time yourself to prepare the meal. There is a variety of uses for these types of personal chef catering service and they do not have to be used strictly for special occasions but can be a convenient addition to your everyday lifestyle.

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