Personal Chef Catering as a Career

Becoming a personal chef or putting up a personal chef catering service can be a rewarding career.

Before you begin, there are a few things that you need to consider and research to ensure your success. Many people fall into the trap of just becoming a chef, and then start their own business and end up faced with serious concerns.

In order to become a personal chef or run a personal chef catering service, it is important that you have a love of cooking but that you also have a love of planning and arranging events. Many caterers are in charge of more than just supplying the food and drinks to a party. They may need to help prepare the room for an event with table clothes, napkins, glasses, plates and so forth. You also have to have a variety of business management skills if you are going to be a caterer. Becoming a personal chef or caterer is more than just heading off to a school and obtaining your certification as a chef.

If you are looking to become a personal chef or have your own personal chef catering business, you need to determine what type of personal chef you want to be.

Do you want to be attached to a household or do you want to create a business where you supply food to a number of homes. The use of personal chefs to supply meals to households is on the rise and many people who do not have the time to prepare meals are making use of this service. It allows them to call up, order from a menu, the personal chef makes the meals, and they are delivered providing professionally made meals without the work or the expense of maintaining a kitchen staff.

A caterer handles more than a personal chef though it is common for catering services to provide a personal chef catering service. Caterers generally handle large events such as conventions, parties, meetings, weddings and reunions to name a few. It is often more difficult than working in a restaurant but can be rewarding, you have the opportunity to interact with a variety of people and handle numerous events.

To start research your area, find out if there is a demand for either a personal chef or catering service. This will help to give you an idea where to focus your attention. The next step is to check out classes that are in your area. There are a number of schools, which provide culinary programs, some of them have courses designed to help individuals who are looking to go into the personal chef catering industry. Apply at the school, obtain your degree and brush up on any skills you may need for your business that are not covered in the culinary curriculum such as business management and accounting or event planning. Once you have the education, you need consider signing up and working with a catering company in your area for a while. Experience will help you to fill in any blanks in your education you may not have been aware of and allow you to network before starting your own personal chef catering business.